Company Profile

Welcome to Win Jeang Swimwear!

Inspired by the islands of the Andaman Sea, Win Jeang swimwear was launched in 2005.  For nearly 10 years, Win Jeang has been a staple of beach life in Koh Lanta, Thailand.  Whether an active day at the beach or a lazy day in the hammock; our styles and designs incorporate an island look and feel. Become a part of the island lifestyle with Win Jeang swimwear.

We are a family owned business with roots firmly planted in the golden sands of Southern Thailand. We have been importing bikinis from all over the globe going on 7 years now including Brazil, Colombia, Bali, Australia and the Asian continent. We are proud to also be branding our own bikinis, dresses, and beach bags under the name WIN JEANG.

Our impetus to manufacture our own brand is simple. We are filling a gap in Southern Thailand from cheap bikini's that are available all over the islands and are poorly made and use cheap material, to buying bikinis in shopping malls that are overpriced and designed for the masses. Win Jeang swimwear is offering fantastic prices with even better design accompanied by high-end fabric and cutting process. So, if you are in Phuket or Koh Lanta, please come into one of our 7 shops and say hi!

All WHOLESALE orders can contact us directly! Khap khun Khrap! Thank you! Hope to see you at the beach! (Kata Beach)